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The Buzz is Real: Your Guide to Louisville's 10 Best Breweries

A city rich in culture, history, and tradition, Louisville is also well known for its thriving and bustling craft beer scene. With over 50 great breweries and bars to choose from, the city is a haven for craft beer lovers. There is no shortage of weekend destinations to sip on a cold craft brew and catch a Cardinals game on the big screen.

With so many great local breweries to choose from, it can be challenging to find a starting point. While you’ll ultimately want to hop over to each brewery eventually, we recommend starting your journey with these 10. Cheers!

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1.) Against the Grain Brewery and Public House

No list of the best breweries Louisville has to offer could be complete without including Against the Grain Brewery and Public House. A group of colleagues who were dissatisfied with Louisville’s brewery scene decided to do something about it and so Against the Grain was born. Customers love that this brew house gives a dive bar vibe right in the Highlands and almost has a “Cheers” like feel to it. You get to enjoy some of Kentucky’s finest burgers here, too. Patrons have raved about Burger Week and the Brewmaster Burger, in particular, is a fan-favorite.

2.) Gravely Brewing Co.

Gravely Brewing Co. is known to be the Louisville brewery that offers so much more than just amazing craft beers. According to Gravely, if “fresh beer was a religion, this would be a church.” Customers rave about the IPA selection and their La Bamba Mexican lager is a crowd favorite. In addition to the beers, Gravely offers a breathtaking view of the city, patio seating, music that’ll lift your spirits, and fantastic Mexican food, including tacos and quesadillas. Did we mention that you can also register for their beer pong league and make some new friends? Gravely has been a great addition to the Louisville craft beer scene.

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3.) Falls City Brewing Co.

Falls City Brewery Co. has the distinction of being Louisville’s oldest operating brewery, as it opened its doors way back in 1905 by local tavern owners to combat big beer. That means this brewery has seen everything, from prohibition to multiple pandemics! This gem in Louisville is known for its artistic, colorful walls and delicious quesadillas. There’s also always something going on at Falls City; in addition to a nice selection of craft beers, you can partake in events like trivia night, chess night, ugly sweater disco, roller racing, Christmas karaoke, and a New Year’s Eve party! It’s nothing but good vibes at Falls City Brewing Co.

4.) Akasha Brewing Company

If you enjoy the sound of a success story rooted in humble beginnings, check out Akasha Brewing Company. The brewery began as a small operation brewing out of the co-founders' home kitchen. They quickly outgrew their space and moved to a larger facility in the NuLu neighborhood in 2016. Some of the wonderful craft beers Akasha is known for include the Akasha IPA, Barrel Aged Akasha IPA, Sour Akasha, Stout Akasha, and the Porter Akasha. The tart and zesty Sour Akasha, in particular, features great reviews. Customers rave about Akasha’s refreshing beers, large relaxed space, friendly staff, and the dog-friendly venue they offer.

5.) Monnik Beer Co.

If you want a truly electric and aesthetically pleasing brewery to visit in Louisville, check out Monnik Beer Co. Unlike some of the other local breweries in the city, Monnik, located in the Schnitzelburg neighborhood, usually tends to be packed and crowded. This gem attracts both locals and visitors. Monnik is known for its Belgian-style beers, including saisons, sours, and tripels. You can enjoy both an elegant dining room or a cozy patio at this fine Louisville brewery.

Perhaps more so than any of the other local breweries, Monnik is known to have among the best food selection to go with your Belgian beer of choice. All six of their burgers are savory and visitors have enjoyed their pretzel with gouda fondue.

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6.) Atrium Brewery

Having opened its doors in September 2020, Atrium Brewery is one of Louisville’s newer craft brewery gems. Visitors rave about the sours here, along with the delicious food truck and the NEIPAs. Atrium has partnered with Daryk’s, and this has meant delicious food choices. The tacos, quesadillas, burgers, fish and chips, and smoked chicken wings all pair perfectly with one of the many craft beer choices you’ll find at Atrium. This is a must-visit spot for brewery lovers right in the heart of the Shelby Park neighborhood.  They also opened a second location in the Norton Commons neighborhood.

7.) Mile Wide Beer Co.

Mile Wide Beer Company is another can’t-miss Louisville brewery that’s located in between Downtown Louisville and the Original Highlands. Patrons have mentioned that Mile Wide’s dark beers are absolutely top tier. Be sure to try their flagship beer, the West Sixth IPA, or one of their seasonal specialties. Not only does this trendy spot have a large parking lot, there are also board games and video games for the kids. Mac’s, a place that serves delicious Neapolitan style pizza, is located inside Mile Wide Beer Co. If you’re in the mood for a Neapolitan pizza and craft beer, Mile Wide is the best option in all of Louisville.

neapolitan pizzas from brewery

8.) TEN20 Craft Brewery

TEN20 Craft Brewery is another fantastic go-to Louisville spot to enjoy great beers and food. This massive brewery boasts a spacious taproom, a beer garden, and event spaces. This Louisville brewery is known for its award-winning Storyteller IPA and Pumpkin Spiced Lager. TEN20 also recently began serving pizza to the great satisfaction of patrons. This is very much a great Douglass Loop neighborhood spot to take your laptop to and get some work done. TEN20 is much more spacious than many of the other breweries in Louisville.

9.) Butchertown Brewing Company

Butchertown Brewing Company is a newer addition to the Louisville brewery scene, and it’s quickly building a strong reputation for its unique beers. Patrons have complimented Butchertown’s high gravity beer offerings, along with their stouts and sours. In particular, there are rave reviews for their Imperial Gluten-Free Mango-Colada Sour. Unlike some of the other larger Louisville breweries on this list, Butchertown is known for its smaller, cozier, and more intimate vibe.

10.) Noble Funk Brewing Company

Noble Funk Brewing Company, located in the SoBro neighborhood, prides itself on offering patrons three things: Good brews. Good times. Good conversations. In terms of the brews, Noble Funk specializes in sour beers and farmhouse ales. The pizza here also rivals Mile Wide, as customers rave about Noble Funk’s buffalo chicken and pulled pork BBQ pizzas.

photo of a glass with craft beer from Noble Funk Brewing in Louisville

Whether you’re looking for a stout, sour, or dark beer - these 10 Louisville breweries have something that will quench your thirst and satisfy your taste buds. The pizzas, quesadillas, tacos, and chicken wings will pair well with your craft beer. Many also offer breathtaking views, live music, outdoor patio seating, trivia nights, and games to entertain your family and friends. We recommend hopping from one brewery to the next to experience all they have to offer!

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