Looking at the Louisville real estate market from another perspective

This past week I invested in another tool to assist with the marketing of homes and property for my clients.  Technically, it is a drone since it uses a GPS signal to help it hover in place.  Physically it is a quadcoptor.  Which makes for a steadier shot and a little easier to control.  From here on out though I'll be referring to it as the Aerial Marketing Asset or AMA for short as my friend Chris has named it.  It will take me a few more flights to completely get a handle on the controls, but I'm already churning out meaningful video footage.  

Here is the very first video I've put together.  Although not perfect, I'm still pretty proud of it. Especially since this was just my second time flying the AMA.  I look forward to sharing more videos with you in the future.  Do you have a home, farm, or lake house that would benefit from aerial marketing?  Email me at [email protected] and lets chat!

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