Connecting your Louisville home to the internet!

So last week I introduced you to a new series in posts I would be doing this year about gadgets and devices for your home.  This week's post is about an item called Twine.  Twine is essentially a WifI card that has sensors built into it, along with batteries.  The other component of Twine is an online interface that lets you do "If this happens, do this..." programming.  For instance, a common occurance at my house is forgetting to place the clothes from the washer and place them into the dryer.  Simply place Twine on the washer, and setup a programming rule with the built in motion sensor, that when the vibration stops for longer than 5 minutes, send an email to remind you to place them into the dryer.  Such a simple task that causes me so much grief :)

Twine doesn't come cheap.  Priced at $99.00 per device, more than one or two isn't very practical.  However, I expect the cost of the device to fall in the coming months.  Built in sensors include an internal temperature sensor and an accelerometer for vibration, impact and motion detection.  Additional external sensors plug into the multipurpose jack.  Once plugged in, the additional sensors show up as options for the if/then programming logic.  External sensors currently available include a magnetc switch ( useful for doors or anything that moves ) and a moisture sensor -- can you say early sump pump failure warning system?

For more information, you can visit their website at 

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