Meaghan Thompson
Meaghan Thompson
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Like Calamity Jane, Meaghan has blown in from the Windy City! 

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, she was surrounded by beautiful architecture and real estate. However, the real estate “seed” was planted and nurtured during the weekends and summers that she spent helping her grandmother with the apartment building that she owned/lived in. Before the age of 18, Meaghan had helped her grandmother with everything from landscaping, to preparing/cleaning units for new tenants, to preparing lease agreements (on a typewriter no less).

With all that being said, you would have thought that she would have gone straight into real estate right after high school, but life didn’t work out for her in that way. Meaghan had a passion and desire to help people and began her journey pursuing a career in the medical industry. She studied Nursing at Kentucky State and took an interest in mental health. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Meaghan had to withdraw from college and began working a full-time job. However, she was determined to finish her education and began taking 2-3 classes a semester during the day while she worked at night. She knew that it would take her a lot longer to finish and that the journey would be difficult but the end result would be worth it. After spending 4 years at the local community college, she transferred to Eastern Kentucky University to study Forensic Psychology. Meaghan then spent another long 3 years working on her Bachelors Degree. 

In March 2018, she wanted to make a change. She had accomplished her educational goals and wanted to begin focusing on her passion for real estate. By June 2018, she had relocated and secured employment with an IDX website provider in the Louisville area. Within a year Meaghan had familiarized herself with the working knowledge of IDX websites while pursuing her real estate license. Although, she is a newer agent, she is an active member of the Louisville community and became a “Yelp Elite” member in less than a year! 

When she isn’t working, Meaghan enjoys spending time with her best friend Cookie. They love checking out the local parks, playing catch (although Cookie doesn’t always bring the ball back), and grilling out. When Meaghan isn’t with her bestie, you can find her traveling, searching for local hidden gems, spending time with her family, and learning. 

By choosing Meaghan as your agent, you will be working with someone that is honest, truthful, and dedicated to helping you find your dream home. So if you see her around town, give her a wave or a holla!